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Where Living Is Easy and Where Care Is Better

elder woman and staff huggingKENNYDALE GOLDEN AGE ADULT FAMILY HOME LLC offers compassionate care and undying support to all of our residents and we are always happy to help them enjoy each and every day—including the final stages of their lives.

Hospice and End-of-Life Care is rendered to residents with a life-limiting illness. This means that we are connected with organizations and hospitals with teams of physicians, registered nurses, and care aides to manage pain and other symptoms to keep our residents under this care physically comfortable. This means that the goal is not to specifically cure the disease; rather, it is to improve the person’s quality of living for the rest of their life.

The advantages of our Hospice Care are:

  • A safe, comfortable, home-like place to stay when our resident’s home isn’t a possibility.
  • Our staff is available 24 hours a day to administer immediate care whenever needed.
  • Opportunities to socialize and mingle with other residents to make sure they are happy and feel loved.

Every service we offer will be specifically tailored to our resident’s individual needs. For more details, Contact Us!